(one of many trials on different water colour papers), 2020


Influenced by the restrictions of lockdown while completing the 3rd year of my degree at NAS. I experimented with different brands of ink and watercolour paper for their durability when printed and "rinsed" or "washed out" multiple times.

This technique developed with experiments of layering and abstraction to disrupt my control of the original monoprint image, playing off the way the mind can influence  and skew memories.

running late2021
running late (wash), 2021
Monoprints on Watercolour Paper
21x29.7 cm
(two pulls of the same “monoprint”, two different styles of “developing” the image)

#1621, 2021
#0721, 2021

#1721, 2021
#1821, 2021
waiting (crop), 2020

Monoprints on Watercolour Paper
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